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Murphy's Adventures


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Transl. by Alan Nothnagle

ISBN: 978-3-944704-23-4

Transl. by Alan Nothnagle

ISBN: 9-783944-704-24-1

Every Monday morning, something goes 'thump' against Murphy's eucalyptus tree. What is it? And can his friend Juniper really be a thief? To find out how Murphy investigates, and how he finds a way to restore peace and harmony to the eucalyptus forest, you'll want to be sure to check out 'Murphy Throws a Party'.

Oh no! Murphy has lost his tree! Sadly, he's not the only koala this has happened to. Just a couple of spelling mistakes on a sign was all it took. What will he do now? If you want to learn how Murphy finds himself a new home and gets a set of great new neighbours, be sure to check out 'Murphy Moves House'!

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