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Murphy's friends


Murphy has a favourite branch in the eucalyptus forest, but he doesn't live alone. After all, what kind of life would that be, without any friends? On this page you can learn about Murphy's forest friends.


Juniper the kangaroo has a gigantic family. She herself is always on the go, full to the brim with ideas, energy and self-confidence. Like Murphy, Juniper has a pouch that is perfect for taking trips, shopping and transporting any young kangaroos who want to join her on an expedition. And Juniper just loves to talk. But it's important to remember that not everything a kangaroo tells you is necessarily true and that they sometimes enjoy exaggerating.


Eulalia can answer just about any question you ask her. And she does it for free, because this owl just loves to lecture. And why not? After all, she's a lecturer at a local night school! So if you think that Eulalia is just sitting quietly on her branch, staring into space, she's probably thinking about how to save the eucalyptus forest, or else doing maths in her head. For Eulalia, math problems are as exciting as Christmas presents!


Australia has more snakes than you could ever count in a thousand years. Simon is one of them. He has shiny black scales and is two metres long. He can even climb trees! Murphy isn't very happy about that, because he can never be sure if he might not find Simon twined around his own branch. Luckily, Simon prefers the ground, where he likes to perform snake dances for the other animals. And Simon is smart - the animals ignore his wise words at their own risk!



Topaz is one of only a handful of turtles in all of Australia. Even he doesn't remember where he came from originally. Some people think Topaz is already hundreds of years old, others say he is still just a teenager. He is constantly on the move through the forests and Outback of Australia and wears a little bell so everyone knows she's coming. Topaz has seen pretty much everything by now, and she's a wonderful friend to have around when things get tight.


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