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Who is Murphy?


It's really very simple: Murphy the Koala is the hero of the "Murphy - A Koala Shows His Stuff" book series from Baobab House Publishers.


Murphy lives atop a eucalyptus tree in the middle of a thick forest in New South Wales, Australia. For him, life is great: No school, no chores, no music lessons, no stress, but lots of sun, fantastic friends and all the tasty eucalyptus leaves he can eat.


But now and then even Murphy has to climb down from his tree, and then an adventure can't be far behind: Juniper the kangaroo is sick! Someone has nicked Murphy's pouch! The woodcutters are coming!


But first impressions can give us the wrong idea, because Murphy isn't nearly as drowsy as he sometimes looks. With wit and courage, he meets every challenge that comes his way. And then, once the battle is won, Murphy climbs back up into his eucalyptus tree to enjoy the view. Until it's time for his next adventure...

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